The Team


Jeff Buell

Founder & Director of Operations

I am a philosophical entrepreneur & adventurous person, husband, and father to four. Always searching for balance between business, adventure, and family, and this is not always easy. I have failed and succeeded in multiple categories including personal relationships, philosophy, sports, and business matters. Stimulated by the unknown, I am energized by positive & mutually beneficial relationships, transparency, and a good cup of coffee (“black, dark roast, double cup, no sleeve”). My priority is to create opportunity for growth and human connection. Hand picking these Experience Expedition teams has brought great joy and a tremendous feeling of accomplishment to me. bringing quality people together to develop good ideas feels great!


Skip Horner

Mountain Expedition Leader

I’ve led successful expeditions all over the world. I strive to be true to myself. If I admit my mistakes, I stand a better chance of not repeating them. If I happen to do something well, I acknowledge it in hopes it might become a pattern. I try not to downplay either the mistakes or the successes. I am my own harshest critic, but also my own quiet cheerleader. Living honestly is my highest goal, in my work and in my private life.