• “We sent four of our Client Service Controllers to Adventure Base Camps. This unique experience created a bond among our four members in four days that would ordinarily take four years or longer if even ever. Our team members work remotely, and this experience created a teamwork dynamic that was impossible to achieve otherwise. With hard work and dedication, Jeff and his team has created a brilliant experience that is valuable beyond estimation…priceless.”
    Ann M. Vickers, CPA
    President and CEO
    Charles River CFO, Inc.
  • “I am so happy I was able to attend ABC. I was surrounded with amazing scenery, interesting people, and delicious food during this truly unique experience. I look forward to connecting at more ABC adventures soon.”
  • “ABC provided a stunning setting for my needed intentional reset of Mind, Body & Soul. Set amongst other like-minded adventurists and providing a natural flow combined with respect, support, and acceptance. I will forever hold these experiences, newfound friendships and support close to my heart.”
  • “I am very happy with my decision to attend the ABC trip in Montana. I doubted my physical ability but returned with great confidence because of what I had accomplished. I give a lot of credit to my team members for being helpful during the summit attempt in particular; I felt like we were all in it together and everyone was happy to help each other. Prior to the trip I was also nervous about the group talks, but all our conversions flowed naturally, and I never felt pressured to share. I was so comfortable by the end of the trip I felt like I was with a group of people I had been friends with for decades. I highly encourage anyone who is interested in forming new friendships and testing their physical strength to join the next ABC trip. The beautiful scenery and amazing food are icing on the cake!”
  • “This trip gave me such confidence and helped build my self-esteem. I went into this with little hiking experience, but I came out of it feeling like I could do anything! This is not just any kind of hiking experience, it’s much more, and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to breathe fresh air and live for the moment.”
  • “It was an amazing feeling to accomplish something that I doubted I could! And by the end of this adventure, I was really feeling emotionally connected with everybody that I had just met.”
  • “I left the ABC adventure with a huge heart ❤️ filled with joy and happiness, and made new friends. Try it!!!! You will love it.
  • “Four incredibly positive days at ABC! I’m SO impressed with how easily we all got along and will cherish our time together on the trail, around the dinner table and by the fire pit. I especially loved building new friendships with each of you and look forward to many more adventures in the future.”
  • “By being vulnerable on the trail where I felt most comfortable, I was able to gain support, love, and friendship from complete strangers in just 3 and a half days!”
  • “I came away with a new tone, perspective and outlook towards every relationship in my life!”
  • “First impressions after ABC? I feel deeply connected to the rest of the group. Even as we all go our separate ways, the connection is so strong. To have deep conversations, held in the challenging beauty of the canyonlands was epic!!! We all rose to the challenges, we all suffered a little (or maybe a lot, sometimes!) but we did it together. The whole experience was so well designed and so well supported by ABC and their strategic partners. I can’t thank you enough.”
  • “As a business owner, and mom of three, I strive daily to live a vibrant, high quality life. Unknowingly at times, I get caught committing to too much at the expense of my balance. ABC is designed to bring us back into the moment, to re-calibrate, increase our self-awareness, and connect with amazing people while challenging ourselves physically. This experience brought into focus the importance of tending to personal alignment daily and living a congruent life to be able to access joy and my true potential.”
  • “Hey there Jeff! I had an incredible time there in Moab. It was really nice to detach from the outside world and be fully present. All of the attendees were amazing, and I felt very grateful to be surrounded by such positive people. Great work! Thanks for making that happen.”
  • “It meant a lot to me that the founders of ABC were fully present and participatory in all activities and endeavors that the group engaged in. As I navigate these first moments of reentry from the Base Camp experience, I’m feeling a very deep love for this new family of friends. it is such an incredible gift to share such an authentic connection. I hope others in the group feel that from me, too. I’m looking towards the days ahead, the ABC experience has brought clarity and focus to how I want to meet the world — as a sensitive, authentic, compassionate human — no matter what the world dishes out in return, with love and thanks.”
  • “I think walking into an experience like this, (as adults, and saying: -You’re all going to be nice to each other. -You’re all going to tell your truths. -You’re going to listen to, support, laugh with, and cry alongside each other. -You’re going to be a trusting, working team from minute 1. -You will welcome a complete stranger into your life and give them whatever they might need. To do all that, without really SAYING all that, was pretty unique, and special, and magical. As a psychological experiment, it’s brilliant. As an authenticity project, also brilliant.”