Colorado Outdoor Experience

Colorado Experience With ABC

Join us in Colorado this Fall 2024 for a multifaceted 3 day outdoor human connection adventure! Day 1: Rock climbing and repelling for beginners and intermediates – Day 2: Hike a 14,000′ peak – and Day 3: a day on the river.

All transportation, food, lodging, and activities are included from the morning of 6/5 – until the afternoon of 6/8 when we return to Denver. Please arrive to Denver no later than June 4th and depart Denver no sooner than 3PM on June 8th. Hotel rooms for June 4th & 8th are the responsibility of the client.

Our basecamp is comfortable and unique with good beds & bathrooms, located approximately 2 hours from Denver and near all of our activities.

This adventure is suitable for beginners and experienced outdoor enthusiasts who want to be part of a supportive team and connect with other like minded adventurers. All of our adventures feature the Authenticity Project culture and are alcohol free.

At ABC, we believe that authenticity is a catalyst to better human connection.

The ABC Experience:
On our adventures and during our daily team meetings we introduce optional storytelling and team connection exercises to enhance the organic human connection experience. This sets us apart from other adventure travel opportunities. At our basecamp there is no judgment and we do not compete; we do not discuss politics and we don’t propose a right or wrong way to think or act.
At ABC the goal is to simply be ourselves, and to practice letting our true energy flow. The quality of our experience comes from within each of us, and this represents the power of the ABC formula. All of our adventure experiences are alcohol free, safety is our top priority, and we encourage everyone on our teams to feel empowered to control their own destiny, everything is optional at ABC.
Participation requires physical training and a willingness to show-up to the adventure as your true self. We appreciate the value of setting goals and recognize that the physical and mental challenges of these activities and thought-provoking exercises are essential to creating a rewarding experience for every member of the team.
  • At Adventure Base Camps, we celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and co-ed camaraderie. We encourage you to be your authentic self, share your unique energy, and connect deeply within our supportive team culture.
  • Explore extraordinary landscapes, make genuine friendships, and experience the transformative power of authenticity. Discover that being your true self is not just a goal – it’s a skill that can lead to profound human connections.
  • Challenge yourself, savor the thrill of adventure, and revel in the heartfelt camaraderie of newfound friends. It’s time to unplug, reconnect, and embark on a journey that will change your life.
  • Join Adventure Base Camps today and start living your most authentic, adventurous life! 

Testimonials that speak volumes:
“Amazing adventures with incredible people, and proud to call them good friends! The time recharging and connecting at our base camp was as meaningful as the time spent on the trail. Thanks so much for including me in ABC!”
“This week was amazing. I feel calmer, happier, more energized. 
Reminded me how much I love the mountains. It felt great to dig deep emotionally with the group, get support from the group and give support to the group. I’d love to do it again.”
“All activities were expertly led. How am I feeling? Like I have new best friends. I feel like my inner circle grew a bit – which is big for me.  Thank you for having the vision to put this together.” 
“ABC is designed to bring us back into the moment, to re-calibrate, increase our self-awareness and connect with amazing people while challenging ourselves physically.”
“This experience brought into focus the importance of tending to personal alignment daily and living a congruent life to be able to access joy and my true potential.”
Colorado Rules!!
Whether you’re a winter wanderer or a summer seeker, we have something incredible waiting for you. Imagine snowshoeing through pristine landscapes and learning the art of ice climbing in the winter or conquering a breathtaking 14,000-foot mountain in the summer.
Leave behind the stresses of everyday life and embrace “The Authenticity Project” at Adventure Base Camps. It’s where you’ll discover the true you and form deep connections with like-minded adventurers. This is a judgment-free zone where it’s GOOD to be YOU!
Ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Join Adventure Base Camps in beautiful Colorado and let’s make unforgettable memories together! 
Our adventures combine invigorating physical challenges, restorative yoga, delicious meals, and meaningful team bonding exercises. It’s a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation, designed to promote your physical and mental well-being. Our experiences are alcohol free.