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Elevate Your Team’s Success at Adventure Base Camps!


Calling all CEOs and Business Leaders,
Are you ready to take your team to new heights? Adventure Base Camps invites you to revolutionize team bonding and personal growth through authentic, unforgettable adventures. 
Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to “The Authenticity Project,” where it’s celebrated to be your true self. Our adventures are designed to break free from the mundane and forge powerful connections within your team.
Strengthen the bonds that drive success. Adventure Base Camps offers dynamic trips in stunning landscapes, fostering personal growth and meaningful human connections. Whether your team is remote or in-office, this is your opportunity to unite them like never before.
At ABC, we believe that authenticity is a catalyst for better human connection, and our experiences are alcohol free.
“We sent four of our Client Service Controllers to Adventure Base Camps. This unique experience created a bond among our four members in four days that would ordinarily take four years or longer if even ever. Our team members work remotely, and this experience created a teamwork dynamic that was impossible to achieve otherwise. With hard work and dedication, the team at ABC has created a brilliant experience that is valuable beyond estimation…priceless.”
Ann M. Vickers, CPA
President and CEO
Charles River CFO, Inc.


The ABC Experience:
On our adventures and during our daily team meetings we introduce optional storytelling and team connection exercises to enhance the organic human connection experience. This sets us apart from other adventure travel opportunities. At our basecamp there is no judgment and we do not compete; we do not discuss politics and we don’t propose a right or wrong way to think or act.
At ABC the goal is to simply be ourselves, and to practice letting our true energy flow. The quality of our experience comes from within each of us, and this represents the power of the ABC formula. All of our adventure experiences are alcohol free, safety is our top priority, and we encourage everyone on our teams to feel empowered to control their own destiny, everything is optional at ABC.
Participation requires physical training and a willingness to show-up to the adventure as your true self. We appreciate the value of setting goals and recognize that the physical and mental challenges of these activities and thought-provoking exercises are essential to creating a rewarding experience for every member of the team.


CEOs and business leaders, here’s why you should choose Adventure Base Camps:
  • Custom dates, locations, and mojo for your team. Let’s do this!
  • Embrace Diversity and Inclusivity: Our projects are co-ed, diverse, and judgment-free, promoting a culture where every team member’s uniqueness is celebrated.
  • Recharge and Reflect: Unplug from the daily grind, reconnect with nature, and reflect on your journey. Your team will embark on a transformative adventure together, fostering a sense of purpose and unity.
  • Promote Wellness: We blend challenging exercises, restorative yoga, healthy meals, and team bonding activities to promote physical and mental well-being. Your team will return refreshed and invigorated. Our experiences are alcohol free.
  • Find Authenticity: Adventure Base Camps is the perfect environment to encourage your team to be their true selves. Authenticity is a catalyst for deeper human connections, and we practice it every step of the way.
  • Spark Team Dynamism: Adventure Base Camps inspires teams to explore, practice authenticity, pursue clarity, and connect deeply. Your team’s synergy will skyrocket, driving innovation and success.
  • Reconnect Naturally: Our unique basecamp style deepens organic human connections and promotes a healthy way of being. The heartfelt camaraderie of newfound friends awaits!
  • Take your team on an extraordinary journey that transcends the boardroom. Challenge your team, embrace authenticity, and have a blast together!
  • Adventure Base Camps is your gateway to a more connected, empowered, and successful team. Join us today, and let’s redefine your team’s future!
  • Don’t miss out on this transformative experience. Contact us now to embark on your next great adventure! 
Testimonials that speak volumes:
“Amazing adventures with incredible people, and proud to call them good friends! The time recharging and connecting at our base camp was as meaningful as the time spent on the trail. Thanks so much for including me in ABC!”
“This week was amazing. I feel calmer, happier, more energized. 
Reminded me how much I love the mountains. It felt great to dig deep emotionally with the group, get support from the group and give support to the group. I’d love to do it again.”
“All activities were expertly led. How am I feeling? Like I have new best friends. I feel like my inner circle grew a bit – which is big for me.  Thank you for having the vision to put this together.” 
“ABC is designed to bring us back into the moment, to re-calibrate, increase our self-awareness and connect with amazing people while challenging ourselves physically.”
“This experience brought into focus the importance of tending to personal alignment daily and living a congruent life to be able to access joy and my true potential.”